Cross-Functional Planning and Analytics in the Microsoft Ecosystem

Information silos can stifle growth, hinder agility, and create barriers to effective decision-making. For example, when sales, finance, and operations teams each use separate systems for planning and analytics, it’s a recipe for chaos. Strategies don't align, goals clash, and opportunities slip through the cracks. Disparate data sources mean inconsistent reports, delayed insights, and inefficient decisions. 

Join Acterys for a moderated panel discussion featuring Mike Zack, Chief Operating Officer at Acterys, Dave Baxter, Sparkhound VP of Sales, and Jamie Smyth, CEO and Founder of The Smyth Group. Together, our panelists will discuss you can transform the way you approach cross-functional planning and analytics in the Microsoft ecosystem and share insights on how integrated solutions can drive collaboration, boost efficiency, and support strategic goals across departments.

During the webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Break down barriers between departments to create a cohesive, data-driven culture.
  • Understand the cost and efficiency benefits of moving from best-of-breed applications to a comprehensive solution.
  • Use unified data to power advanced AI projects and gain deeper business insights.
  • Reduce integration, training, and support costs with a single comprehensive approach, built on the Microsoft ecosystem.
  • Implement solutions faster and more efficiently with integrated modules designed to work together seamlessly.


Webinar Speakers

Headshot (Color) - Mike

Mike Zack

Chief Operating Officer at Acterys


Jamie Smyth

CEO and Founder of The Smyth Group


Dave Baxter

VP of Sales, SLED at Sparkhound

Mary Ellen Headshot

Mary Ellen Slayter

CEO and Founder of Rep Cap

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